Prepare For A Photoshoot


Below are some primary tips that I consistently encourage my models to implement before and on the shooting day. Prepare For A Photoshoot topic covers all basic practices I generally perform in my daily life. I am just highlighting and emphasising on them. It is almost same for Fashion, Portrait or Magazine shoot.

Mood & Energy

Good mood of coworkers always amplifies the whole team into productivity and contentment. Now since we are trying to create art, it is solely necessary for the whole team to be positive and in fresh mood. Prepare For A Photoshoot details are described below.


  1. Start everyday with a positive affirmation. Talk to yourself in the mirror, even if it feels silly, with statements like, “Today will be a very good day” or “I’m going to be awesome today.” You’ll be amazed how much your day improves. 
  2. Focus on small things. Do things that you love. Listen to music, sit idle and think something good from the past that cherishes you. Drink a lot of liquid and relax.
  3. Think about the concepts. Going through references on Posing, Styling and Makeup will offer several new proposals. Try figuring out which will be satisfactory and suits you and practice. Above all staying busy similar subject thoughts will keep you in the genre.
  4. Removing unwanted hair will help you look flawless and gorgeous. But for me, implementing this two days prior to the shooting date will be more effective and fruitful.


  1. With the previous practices more additions for the shooting day.
  2. Take an average light diet with lot of liquid and go to bed with some music ambience. However a deep and long sleep, the previous night, will award you a refreshing, energetic morning. Therefore get into the bed early.
  3. In addition reaching the venue before one hour of schedule is a good sign of professionalism.
  4. Similarly I always appreciate crew members who stay like a family. It is always good to have your breakfast together. In other words it help you in expressing and comfort between members increases. In conclusion this is a positive sign.
  5. After breakfast stay calm and composed and let the unit decide what and how to do the proceedings. Just flow with them.

Rest Will Be All Fine. Just Relaxxx…