Photographer and Model



Photographer and Model relationship is a document where I speak my mind and experience with my first fresh talented lady model. She turned to be a great friend. It is my experience of interactions with a fresh model and also the relation with her. In 2017 I got a chance to a low budget dance video making of a song. It was a great experience. Most important I found an excellent fine lady dancing in a corner. Undoubtedly she has a look of a model. I had a healthy friendly relationship with the whole team during this act. I proposed her for a still shoot and she agreed.

During And After Act

Surprisingly I had a good bonding with the Priya Shetty during the act. She is fun, joyful, noticeably also charming. Without a doubt, I proposed her for a shoot and she confirmed immediately. Besides, she is honest and sincere. Without hesitation, she confirmed her inexperience and asked for guidance.
Afterward sending her videos as well as reading materials on posing for models became my routine. Important to realize is, we rarely had interaction, just mobile app messages.

Photographer and Model Relation Meet.

I planned a meeting at a coffee shop. Knowing each other was the main idea behind it. But for me, knowing, trust and dignity is the main concern. Family, friends, liking disliking, hobbies were the main concerns of the get-together. To my surprise, she is already married and she has her husband’s consent. She was already aware of my married life through social media. I suggested the next meeting there itself after two weeks.

Sudden Project

Suddenly a portfolio project got confirmed out of nowhere. I was to happen in three days. During this time I called Priya to come down to the shoot and have a look. I also proposed her to carry some dresses if possible. She reached the venue. We were already shooting. During one change I asked her to get ready. Because I could see a long gap since the main model will undergo heavy costume and makeup.

First Shoot

When she came to the floor, she was nervous but managed to pose. I can feel resistance in her poses. But after 3-5 minutes she was easing out. “That’s all”, I smilingly said and asked her to see the whole event. She saw the whole of it.

Magazine Shoot

Shooting for magazine is the next happening thing for me. Priya and I collaboratively organized a shoot and it was sent to an international magazine. To our surprise, it got selected and was placed in the magazine. We have together placed ourselves twice in International magazine.

Her Leap

She is now a full-time model doing good in her path. Done a couple of projects by her own marketing or in-market presence skills.

Photographer and Model Relation Conclusion

She is a huge friend of mine. We both have immense trust in each other. In conclusion, Life is about friendship trust, and love, which we have achieved.