Select A Model

Sorting out a model for any specific project is very hard. I have to support my client’s specifications in choosing the face for their product. Generally, my clients always allow me to select faces. Not only they have their inputs, but they also consider my vision. Below are some of the sorting process I follow. Select A Model is a topic of my own way of looking at models.

Charm And Attitude

A model should be charming and smart. The model should not only have an attitude but also soft-spoken. During an assignment, several people are involved and are trying to do their best. Mistakes do happen, that doesn’t mean, just because you are a model you are a star. Everyone here is trying to make you look better. So respect is a vital necessity.


My model should understand the requirements and may or may not contribute but should have acceptance. It is a mutual trust that grows with age. The person can suggest but should not interfere in other professions. Being on time and being energetic are the basic requirements like other professions. In conclusion, always send your professional portfolios.

Select A Model: Rejection

For instance, I have renounced a model. In reality, it doesn’t mean that, in person, I hate or dislike you. Maybe we are wrong, but this does not symbolise that you are not meritless. Possibly we found you are not suitable for the assignment. Please do not take it personally.

Positive Features

In-person, I prefer sharp jawline. The zero figure never matters for me always depends on the concept and items of clothing. Height, figure play a plus in selection. As before I have mentioned, always have a positive and energetic attitude.

Once Selected

Once shortlisted, please take it very seriously. Now from here, the real assignment begins. Preparation for the project can be very hectic if the deadline is short. Never lose one’s cool. Since nobody forced you into the project, therefore put all the effort and act professionally.

Select A Model

That is all for this section. Take care and happy modeling.