The above topic, Developing & Shooting For Magazines, is very engaging to me to describe. Shooting for magazines, was difficult. And I learned it hard way. Actually I was very desperate to find a place in the fashion world. Never had a marketing strategy. Therefore out of curiosity, I mailed some images to an International magazine. However I was sure about my rejection. After a week, I got a reply. This changed my photography perception. They commented on my model and rejected them all. Therefore shooting for magazine, gave me some mentors unknowingly.

Rejection Aftermath

Above all, I was overwhelmed with the comments. In addition, I followed them on my next shoot. Similarly, rejection and new comments came in. After that, I followed them. On my third attempt, I am in the magazine. Importantly, I found hope and encouragement. During these processes, I understood some aspects of fashion as well as photography. In addition, I kept on sending my images to various magazines. Moreover, each rejection from magazines, helped in growing. In conclusion, I am now somehow confident about the quality. And selection process of certain magazine. 

Therefore, Rejection is the best way to learn. Gain knowledge and understanding.

Shooting For Magazines Preparation

Firstly I create my concepts or themes. And create mood boards on Pinterest afterwards. On a personal note, I keep them hidden. Secondly, choosing a model is very intimidating. In other words, sorting out a model with her existing images seems right initially. Therefore risking the whole shooting schedule is very scary. Undoubtedly, I always prefer a test shoot with my selected models. After that I confirm them. Thirdly, for more details, please read How I Select A Model. In addition, my test shoot is also very serious kind. 


However, read the Photographer and Model Relationship. In other words, this will provide you all with some ideas of the requirements. Above all, I always prefer planning. Although, things never go cent percent as per plan. Planning not only saves time and money but also  helps in creativity. In addition, it gives peace of mind.

Shooting For Magazines Implementation

In conclusion, human error is the most beautiful and unpredictable side. Therefore, with proper plannings, blunders will be less. However, I am never irritated with blunders, since it is a part of life. I always try to keep my cool with listening music. When I am in. a foul mood, I walk for some time.

So, See You Soon…

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