Location for photography, is one of the many important aspects of cinematography. In other words, this helps in creating the desired look and story. Indoor, as well as outdoor, should be evaluated before shooting day.

To clarify, I always visit the studio before booking it. I look for the height and length of the hall and other amenities. Besides, there should be ample place for my team and gadgets. Air Conditioning and safe parking place is a must for the confirmation.



If I am shooting in a small room, unwanted lights will bounce on my subject. I have to use extra time and effort to take care of them.
Wide lenses are a must for such a condition. Distortion will be an aftermath, which I’ll have to rectify in the post processing. Also, positioning the lights will be very difficult. Everything can be managed but will always cost time. In conclusion, a large space is always suitable for a good photo shoot. This doesn’t mean that small places are worthless. It depends on how we use the space with creativity.


Location For Photography OUTDOOR

Firstly, the positive side is you have a huge god given light. I can use it as a main, fill, or rim light. Similarly, just modifying the sunlight will increase the possibility of usage.
Secondly, the color and depth of the background will enhance the richness of the images. Contract color highly beautifies the images if used properly. In other words, it helps in converging the viewers to the subject.


Location For Photography CONCLUSION

In Location For Photography, no space is good or bad. There will always be situations to manage and create. Eventually, that is the only objective. So utilizing the given or budget space is very essential. After all, we have to exist in this fast and effective time.

Keep Smiling and Keep Shooting… Cheers


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