Types of fashion photography is a topic is for photographers. Fashion photographer is the one who always works behind the camera. And, is showcasing fashion apparel and accessories so that is looks exciting. For instance, there are various genres of fashion photography. Editorial, Catalog, High Fashion, and Street. Catalog and Street fashion photography are recognisable. In addition, Editorial and High Fashion photography are very similar.

Editorial fashion photography

Firstly, fashion magazines, books, posters, etc use this genre of photography. Publications incorporate images and texts for themselves. The storyline is explained to the model. Then he/she is responsible for recreating the role given to them. Such a shoot recreates powerful statements for the product. However, in an editorial photoshoot, everything is essential. In other words, from the hair to makeup everything is essential. In addition, clothing to props are too. 

High Fashion

Secondly, this types of photography always revolves around supermodels, celebrities. Be it actors, singers, or reality TV show personality. High fashion model is chosen for the product has certain qualities to qualify. The clothes and the accessories showcased here are far from reality. A designer uses the model to showcase his creativity. The apparels and accessories for the models is always exaggerating. In other words, to grab the attention of the audience.

Catalog Photography

Similarly, photoshoot for this category is usually done in the studio. Sometimes, other location ideal for the same. Mostly print media companies use this form of imagery. The product images goes through printing. And then to market them to clients. We, the photographs, click in such a manner that every detail of the clothes is visible. Photoshoot for this category is always in the studio or mostly flat background.

Street Fashion Photography

After that, street fashion photography is the most relatable genre of photography. In this style, the fashion that exists on the street is captured. It showcases what typical people wear. How they can see the style? In other words, it is about, the regular clothes, making fashion expression. The photoshoot is always out side the studio. For instance, walking on the street with various shopping bags and wearing trendy clothes. This kind highlights the trend in the real world.

Advertising Photography 

Lastly, advertising fashion photography has a tiny but a qualified approach. It includes one exclusive picture of a model in a particular dress. In other words, major brands organize such photoshoots. These are for outdoor advertising. For example, like displaying it in the hoardings. Advertising photography involves taking pictures of products. These photographs are of very high quality and attractive. They should also be pleasing, interesting and eye-catching. They should not only cause consumers to notice an advertisement. Above all, they should also make consumers willing to pay. However, there are a few ways that products and services can be advertised.

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