Outdoor Fashion Shoot Tricks : Almost all photographers, including me, are not able to invest a large sum on photography equipment. Therefore, I started using the freest source of light. THE SUN.
In other words, below is my experience with Sun, while photographing in sunlight. However, with a decent camera and model, images rarely looked professional. After that, my images started taking good shape. Therefore, this post is about all my experiences.


Knowing The Location

Firstly, Outdoor Fashion Shoot Tricks also contains about Location as an essential part, as we all know. Since we are dealing with natural light, we need to know the light reaction with time. Therefore, go seeing the location, before shooting, is very good. In addition, spending hours will help in pre-visualizing. Above all, it also gives an idea of the lights required.


Choosing The Time

Secondly, after doing the above exercise, I fix the time for shoot. In other words, I can frame the model superficially in head, since I know the setups.


Right Background

Since I’m aware of the location and its spots already, the only thing left is visualizing. Moreover, the background will enhance my character.



Thirdly, I always start with the natural light and then gradually a couple of reflectors. Moreover, my choice of lighting is always to have a separation light. For instance, during noon, I use the sunlight as kick light. Since using the top sun will leave shadows under eyes and chin. Moreover, I always carry 3 – 5 reflectors, a high-intensity torch, and some flashes. 


Exposure and RAW

Similarly, picking the correct exposure by watching the image and histogram is important. Above all, shoot RAW. In other words, this will help in enhancing the shadow and highlight. Above all, It can also help in extreme manipulation. 



In conclusion, as a photographer, I always love to plan and stick to it. Until and unless something wrong happens. Therefore, a photographer should always be vigilant. In addition, a photographer is the captain of the ship, therefore, should always be prepared.