Fashion Photography Tips are Only For Freshers


Fashion Photography is in high demand in this digital era. Photographers are not only hired as technicians but also creative contributors. So there is a lot of expectations for us. The following are some of my fashion photography tips for newcomers. Also these are not any kind of rules. They are just guidelines.


Healthy Surrounding

It is always good to work with professionals. In other words, Remunerate them. There is nothing called free on earth except nature. It always keeps the relation and works healthy. A joyful atmosphere should always be the priority. Working with someone without paying, is a sign of huge distraction.


Be Specific

I am always specific about my requirements. Always act an instruct model, the pose, as per my requirement. In other words, this keeps the uncertainty and confusion out. Preproduction and clear conversation with fellow professionals keeps almost everything intact. If I sometime feel lost, I announce a 10 mins break.



Fashion is mostly indoor. But many times an outdoor location is inevitable. I always try keeping my crew comfortable and refreshed. In other words, first, the model’s comfort is a must. That doesn’t mean that others are not useful. Everyone should be treated well and important as every other one.


Crew Relation

Crew should always feel free to speak their mind. Regards to everyone’s part is very essentials. Suppose feeling for the advice, is not appealing. I softly change the topic, so that no one is hurt. But the crew should always feel free to give advice. May be he sees something I do not.


Credits To All

Love promoting my finished images on social media. But it is also very essential to give due credit to the talented coworkers. In other words its a gratitude, for their involvement. Also on social media collaboration give a better reach and viewers. Therefore, credits are must for everyone.


Shooting Extra

Don’t stop after getting some good images. I always take several extra shots after satisfactory images. Because I never know what can happen from various other perspectives. Changing views sometime works remarkably great than the planned one. So it is always wise to choose various angles.



Video document every necessary and or unnecessary event. Behind the scene is a must to promote and overlook the whole event. Many times clients also require these videos for their archives. As per me, I always create videos and gift them to clients.


Fashion Photography Tips Conclusion

So, this concludes my Fashion Photography Tips. The above and several unwritten other points are also there. It is impossible to note down everything. As per me, the above are the major points in a photoshoots.

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