Photographer and Model Relation


Trust and Resect ARE The Only Words To Describe This PHOTOGRAPHER AND MODEL Relation.

In 2017 I got a chance to a low-budget dance video making of a song. It was a great experience. Most importantly, I found an excellent fine lady dancing in a corner.

She has the look of a model. In addition, we all started friendly relationship during the act.

Soon I had a good bonding with Priya Shetty. She is fun, joyful, noticeably and also charming. I suggested a photo shoot and, she readily agreed.

What is appealing to me is her honesty and sincerity. Without hesitation, she confirmed her inexperience and asked for guidance.

Hence I started sending her videos together with reading materials on posing. Important to realise is, we barely had any interaction, just mobile app messages rarely.

Sudden Project

Suddenly a portfolio project got confirmed out of nowhere. It was to happen in three days. Accordingly, I called her to visit the photo shoo. In addition, I also asked her to carry some dresses if possible. She reached the venue. However, during one change, I asked her to get ready since it was a long gap.

First Shoot

Entering the floor is her first step. I can feel resistance in her poses. After 3-5 minutes she started easing out. “That’s all” I smilingly complimented her.

Magazine Shoot

Shooting for magazines is the next incident for me. Priya and I collaboratively organised a photoshoot. To our surprise, it is selected and published in the magazine.

Her Leap

She is now a full-time model doing good in her path. Successfully accomplished several projects with her marketing or in-market presence skills.

Relationship With Me

She is a huge friend of mine. We both have immense trust in each other.

To summarize, Trust and Respect are The Only Words To describe This. GOD BLESS HER

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