• fashion vogue Versatility model portfolio photographs odisha bhubaneswar mumbai

    Model Portfolio

    Want to be a model or actress? You definitely require a portfolio. It presents all viewers with a visual guide for the look of a model. Model Portfolio help agencies, producers, or creatives in shorting out their preferred model. A better and elaborated portfolio gives an edge over others. Finally, a Portfolio is and will […]

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  • fashion photography tips bhubaneswar mumbai odisha

    Fashion Photography Tips

    Fashion Photography Tips are Only For Freshers   Fashion Photography is in high demand in this digital era. Photographers are not only hired as technicians but also creative contributors. So there is a lot of expectations for us. The following are some of my fashion photography tips for newcomers. Also these are not any kind […]

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  • fashion shooting location bhubaneswar mumbai outdoor

    Outdoor Fashion Shoot Tricks

    Outdoor Fashion Shoot Tricks : Almost all photographers, including me, are not able to invest a large sum on photography equipment. Therefore, I started using the freest source of light. THE SUN.In other words, below is my experience with Sun, while photographing in sunlight. However, with a decent camera and model, images rarely looked professional. […]

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  • fashion types photography bhubaneswar odisha

    Types of Fashion Photography

    Types of fashion photography is a topic is for photographers. Fashion photographer is the one who always works behind the camera. And, is showcasing fashion apparel and accessories so that is looks exciting. For instance, there are various genres of fashion photography. Editorial, Catalog, High Fashion, and Street. Catalog and Street fashion photography are recognisable. […]

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  • fashion photoshoot portfolio magazine location hunting

    Location For Photography

    Location for photography, is one of the many important aspects of cinematography. In other words, this helps in creating the desired look and story. Indoor, as well as outdoor, should be evaluated before shooting day. To clarify, I always visit the studio before booking it. I look for the height and length of the hall […]

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  • Shooting For Magazines fashion mumbai odisha bhubaneswar

    Shooting For Magazines and Developing

    The above topic, Developing & Shooting For Magazines, is very engaging to me to describe. Shooting for magazines, was difficult. And I learned it hard way. Actually I was very desperate to find a place in the fashion world. Never had a marketing strategy. Therefore out of curiosity, I mailed some images to an International […]

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  • beautiful model with photographer in between shooting and posing

    Photographer and Model Relationship

    Photographer and Model   Introduction. Photographer and Model relationship is a document where I speak my mind and experience with my first fresh talented lady model. She turned to be a great friend. It is my experience of interactions with a fresh model and also the relation with her. In 2017 I got a chance […]

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  • Nirakar Sethy Prepare For A Photoshoot yoga model bhubaneswar mumbai

    Prepare For A Photoshoot

    Prepare For A Photoshoot Introduction. Below are some primary tips that I consistently encourage my models to implement before and on the shooting day. Prepare For A Photoshoot topic covers all basic practices I generally perform in my daily life. I am just highlighting and emphasising on them. It is almost same for Fashion, Portrait […]

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