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    Location For Photography

    Location for photography, is one of the many important aspects of cinematography. In other words, this helps in creating the desired look and story. Indoor, as well as outdoor, should be evaluated before shooting day. To clarify, I always visit the studio before booking it. I look for the height and length of the hall […]

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  • model selection process by nirakar sethy bhubaneswar mumbai

    How I Select A Model

    Select A Model Sorting out a model for any specific project is very hard. I have to support my client’s specifications in choosing the face for their product. Generally, my clients always allow me to select faces. Not only they have their inputs, but they also consider my vision. Below are some of the sorting […]

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  • beautiful model with photographer in between shooting and posing

    Photographer and Model Relationship

    Photographer and Model   Introduction. Photographer and Model relationship is a document where I speak my mind and experience with my first fresh talented lady model. She turned to be a great friend. It is my experience of interactions with a fresh model and also the relation with her. In 2017 I got a chance […]

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  • Nirakar Sethy Prepare For A Photoshoot yoga model bhubaneswar mumbai

    Prepare For A Photoshoot

    Prepare For A Photoshoot Introduction. Below are some primary tips that I consistently encourage my models to implement before and on the shooting day. Prepare For A Photoshoot topic covers all basic practices I generally perform in my daily life. I am just highlighting and emphasising on them. It is almost same for Fashion, Portrait […]

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