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    Contact for Fashion Portfolio in bhubaneswar region, trust only one. For fashion, portfolio and Magazine Photography, Nirakar Sethy the best upcoming Photographer in Mumbai Bhubaneswar. Contact me for your needs and requirements. His fashion and portfolio images has already stood in various fashion magazines across the Globe. He will make sure that your images look professional and better than the competitive market. Contact Fashion Portfolio, me page will give you direct access to my mail. Also in the bottom section of the page you will have my mobile number. Feel free to contact me.

    Fashion Portfolio Photographer Vision


    Above all every assignment is important to me. In other words each one of them will be growing me as well as you. In addition no excitement in doing the stereotype job again and again. Therefore I keep on enhancing and try creating better images than previous. Above all I try to keep myself up to date as per the market with technology. Learn new methods and create new ways for working and documenting. In addition I am pledged to create great and notorious stills



    I am a VFX professional who designs everything in the computer. In other words creating visuals is a part of my life and job. Above all photography came to me naturally and knowledge of vfx helped me a lot. Above all It is always my interest to create stunning images that mesmerises viewers. Doing good work keeps me motivated and vice versa. I try everything in my reach to create good image for my clients. Which they can use and I get my mouth marketing.

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    Similarly I always select a team with high ambition and passion. Above all it is a team effort. If the team is on its toes work load feels nothing and its fun. In conclusion work is creative as well as fun. In conclusion for each project selecting an experienced team which matches my need is a must. Therefore thank you for reading this see you at work.

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