Fashion Photography Page firstly Does Have All My Fashion Photographs Captured By Me. In other words it is my Collection Of ultimate Images of mine from all  Assignments Accomplished Successfully By Me. In addition I am grateful to see you people admiring and looking here. I always update my work therefore do visit my site for new projects. In conclusion I am trying to do good work and because you people inspire me.



Secondly MUA In Other Words Is Makeup Artist and I Hire People Who Are Energetic And Pro Active. However the person should also utilise his head And Suggest Productive Inputs During Shooting Trends. Therefore I Use A Lot Of Reference Images And Discuss Them. However I deliberately consume Much of Time In Pre Production. And Discuss Above All That We All Do Have A vague overall Idea And Not Confused.


Thirdly A Huge Responsibility Comes When Selecting A Trend Stylist. Everyone Have Their Own Style and Before Hiring Them I Meet Them In Person And  Converse Regarding The Fashion Photoshoots. However I Also Give A Hint Of Location To The Stylist. In Conclusion The Stylist Works Very Close To Me. From Fitting To Choosing Props And Accessories. In addition the person should be truthful and blunt who can speak in front me. However the one should contradict my opinion with a healthy way.


Similarly Forth is Hunting For A Location which Is the most Tiring Affair. In Addition Talking To Various Productions In Town And Taking Appointments. Above all Travelling Several Locations With Various Production Is Very Tiring and boring. Above All When It Gets Finalised It is Real Peace. For Instance I spend some hours at the selected location because to have the sun movement. In conclusion Sun direction and movement should also be taken into account and consideration. 


Fifthly Above all Props Are key Essential For Any Kind Or Type Of Shoot. Because They Add Large Value to frames. In addition If they are Used Properly And Smartly With Lights. Similarly Props are an integral part of any photoshoot. In addition they should go with the themes and colour. In other words I also help in gathering props from various shops and keepers in city.


Above all from Sketch To Accessory Selection My Designer Works With Me Tirelessly. Because In other words she Knows A Lot Of Brands and aquinted to this. And Arrange Everything Required For The Shoot With The Stylist. In Conclusion She Along With The Stylist Looks At The Fitting And Color Scheme As Per Our Discussion. 



Seventhly and Above all Handling Production Is The Most Tricky and Tiring Parts. Because I Have To Fix Everything Rock Solid Before The Shooting Date. Above All I Will Only Concentrate On Creativity Framing And Lighting. In other words Any Kind Bothering Is Going To Affect The Creative Process. In addition I Try To Fix Everything In Place Before Shooting Date. Because I should be stress free before Shooting.

Therefore Its fun working on fashion shoot with great crew. Similarly they will help and image getting better and better. In conclusion fashion or vogue shoot are fun to work with.


Similarly I am doing my own retouch since my beginning. I never give it to anyone. However I try learning from everyone and use them with my own experience and happiness. Using photoshop and lightroom were fun because of my vfx knowledge. However both the software and some other softwares were a part of vfx industry. Above all knowing the softwares give me an edge.