Incorporated section is a mixed bag of interesting images of different types of photography. Dance, Macro, Wild, Panoramas, Products and Streets.

First Incorporated fact

Firstly Incorporated contains great images from the beginning of my photography till now. I have also creative photographs in here too. There is not much creative shoot so never had a section for it. Above all the day I’ll have ample of them I’ll definitely add one section. I never got time to go into creative also since it is little expensive and I am very choosy when it comes to models.  

Second creditable fact

When I choose a model, First I see is the jaw line of the model. It should be very sharp and visible. If she is tall its a plus. I never emphasise on figure much. She should be able to understand my sayings. Therefore I always welcome models to join me for a breakfast and spend some time till lunch. This is quite a time to know if we both are comfortable and compatible to each other.

Third estimable fact

Product photographs are there. Some are makeups also. Panos are I am really proud of. I rearranged them for panos. The Cup one, with full line of it, are my school days awards in sports. Because of Covid 19 lock down I shot them at home since nothing was there to do.

Forth Commendable Fact

Dance project was my self assigned deed. I was new to photography and didn’t have any idea. So I started this with a friend from a dance group and respective friends and carried on.  This gave me a backdoor entry into the photography arena. And all the photography was done in outdoor lights thats GOD’s natural light with a diffuser. Slowly people came to know me and had mini projects. I never denied since this was not my bread and butter.