After few years of photography I wanted to be a fashion photographer. Above all for a good name I tried here and there. Few options came up. For instance magazine is one of them. My communications with several editors cleared my sky. In other words I somehow figured out the process as a whole.

First Attempt

Confusion was there from the very first day. Therefore I found a way of notes. I wrote every step that I’ll work on. In other words the complete process form make to model to location. After that there were several strikeouts and addition of  points. Above all experience and courage were the gains I had through my process. In addition the day I checked everything out from my list I was still sceptical. After that when the shoot was over I was completely lost to sleep. Above all it was a great and satisfying experience. 


While the second attempt I was very confident and in addition I almost lost control of it.  In other words it was overconfidence. For instance this time I did not use a checklist. Above all I tried my head instead of it. Two days before my shooting I just tried throwbacks. However I was unable to remember the complete list. Therefore out of curiosity I started writing it. To my surprise I have almost omitted small useful props. After that I quickly gained my pace and rectified my mistakes. This saved me my day. 

Third Attempt

Because of my previous blunders I was vigilant this time. Notes is my best life saver. Above all this time I am having a bigger team. Because I am going for a bigger profound magazine. Similarly I know their choices and quality. In addition these images will be displayed worldwide. In other words pressure is immense. Because of the pressure our project collectively came out fruitful. Everyone including me was satisfied and excited.


In conclusion I learnt everything the hard way. Because of my learning curve now I am very confident. Above all after getting published several times now I am very assured.

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